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Hertz car rental was founded in 1918. Now it is providing quality car hire services for over 90 years. They started in Chicago with several “Model T” rental cars produced by Ford. At present car rental Hertz has agencies in 142 countries of the world. Hertz car fleet has lots of various vehicles from different car manufacturers but mostly these are the products of General Motors. Luxury section consists of Infiniti, Mercedes and Cadillac. In the beginning of car rental Hertz activity its rental fleet included Ford car models and other brands owned by Ford (Volvo, Mazda, Lincoln and Mercury) due to the earlier partnership with Ford. Then Korean and Japanese cars were added to the Hertz car rental fleet. So the company progressed.

“Let Hertz put you in the driver’s seat” was one of the first company’s slogan showing that the car rental process is very simple and convenient for everyone. Hertz car rental is addressed to different market sections: economy-minded customers and business class, green tourism lovers with electric cars and luxury segment with specialty cars.


Car rental Hertz offers all listed car types:

Car rental Hertz has a number of options to offer. Whether you’d like to rent a car or male an insurance replacement rental Hertz car rental office is right in the neighborhood. Also there is a Hertz Equipment Rental division in case you need heavy construction facilities or some rental tools. Plus Hertz car rental sells its vehicles at low prices. And even if you are moving to another apartment with lots of furniture and things Hertz car rental is ready to help with its rental vans and trucks. It will also help you in making some large and heavy deliveries.

Car rental Hertz is your reliable multipurpose assistant all over the world!

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