Tracking Solutions


Leasafric’s Tracking Solution, provides unique and dynamic system for both Fleet Management and Vessel Management. We are always a step ahead of your needs, we also provide tracking Solutions for diverse assets.

These solutions from LEASAFRIC offers you basic movement tracking and location monitoring.


  • Route Mapping.
  • Real Time Location Tracking.
  • Geo-fencing – Restriction of vehicles to a particular geographical location, terminal, depot or Station.
  • Data Retention- Up to 10,000 events can be recorded when not in range of GPRS/GSM network signal.
  • Analytical report on travel time, travel route and unexplained stoppages.
  • Vehicle maintenance and servicing notification/reminder.
  • Immobilizer- remote shut down or release the vehicle.
  • Tamper Alert System- provides information on attempt to tamper with the device.